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Surroundings (↓)


(1) The place where someone or something is and the things that are in it.

(2) The place where someone lives and the conditions they live in.

From Cambridge Dictionary

Foreword (↓)

The whole project unfolds the imprint on my butt, exploring deeper meanings behind it under the surface.

Apart from the two concepts discussed in the first two parts, the final point I want to talk about in this part is not to overlook the surroundings. Every single thing around us can be a start point of thinking, exploring, questioning, researching, designing, experimenting, etc.

Is the apple falling on the ground just an apple? Is the imprint tattooed temporarily on my body just an imprint? Is what we see just what we see?

No matter whether the story of Newton and apple is true or not, people can get inspired that those things we see everyday are more than what we see. The imprint is more than just an imprint.

Artworks of some photographers are archived in this part. This is a gallery of the potential of everyday normal stuff.

Combs Study,
Vans x Kesselkramer,
Volkskrant ・ Domestic D
Ordinary Magazine ・
Love is in air
Die Zeit ・
Low cost Luxury

Marloes Haarmans

Artificial Nature

Peishan Huang
2019 - Now

Hanne Zaruma

Pat O'rouke

During Covid-19

Mathery Studio
April 2, 2020

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