F i r e f l i e s

William Larson
1969 – 1978

“The results are partly-unintentional collages where texts and images are merged by the fax itself. Larson would feed the machine with pieces of paper, photographs and even sounds which could be visually translated by the fax. Glimpses of abstraction, surrealism and concrete poetry appear in this early conceptual exploration of digital technology.”

- Mariabruna Fabrizi
February 23, 2017

The design shows the thinking of the fax machine (how it understood what is fed, photos, sounds, etc.)? I should definitely add the name of the fax machine in "designer".

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Design (↓)


(1) A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made.

(2) A decorative pattern.”pottery with a lovely blue and white design”


(1) Decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), by making a detailed drawing of it.

(2) Do or plan (something) with a specific purpose in mind.

From Wikipedia & Cambridge Dictionary

Foreword (↓)

The chair unintentionally left an imprint of the polyester mesh fabric on me. It is a red and regular pattern, creating an unusual visual experience of human body and leaving the artificial texture on skin. Just like how we, human, leave the imprint on the objects and we call them design.

In this unintentional and object-leading circumstances, am I a design by the chair?

The first part of the project, “Un/intentional * In/Animate”, focuses on the two factors of design: intention and designer.

Is unintentional visual result design? Does design have to be intentional? Does design have to be done by animate creatures? What about the unintentional design by inanimate objects, just like the imprint left by the chair on my skin?

This is an archive of my thinking process and understanding around the unintentional and the inanimate in design, including articles, photography, and my own experiment.

Accidental or
Intentional Design?

Tanner Christensen November 7, 2019

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Scout Paré-Phillips
January/February, 2011

The Inspirational
Value of Unintentional
Design Occurrences:
Freeing Aesthetic

IS Vuscan1 and S Feng
April, 2011

F i r e f l i e s

William Larson
1969 – 1978

Illustrated People

Thomas Mailaender
2014 – 2015

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